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Why do couples divorce?

A love story begins when a prince and princess fall madly deeply in love, and—very quickly—live happily ever after. We never do get to the part after they ride off into the sunset. Perhaps because it is all downhill from there. You may feel like you and your spouse...

Signs that your marriage is in trouble

Getting married is a huge decision that requires a lot of thought. Typically, couples tie the knot with the genuine intention of being together for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out this way. While it’s normal for couples to have...

How to prepare for a divorce

Going through a divorce can stress you as you have to deal with complex processes and simultaneously come to terms with the end of a life you were used to. However, not knowing what to expect can intensify the stress. Thus, it will be best to understand Illinois...

Are there two types of child custody? 

There are those who believe that child custody is a singular term that essentially defines who gets to be a child’s parent after a divorce. There are also those who will say that you have custody only when a child lives with you and visitation when you see your child...

Divorce month is getting closer

People often refer to January as divorce month. It has a reputation that precedes it, claiming that divorce cases are going to spike and more couples are going to start the process in January than they would have in December or November. It’s not the only spike that...

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