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Modifying child custody orders in Illinois

Usually, courts grant custody orders based on the child’s best interests. However, if you believe that circumstances have changed and your child’s welfare is at stake, you may file a request to modify the existing custody orders. The court will then issue new orders...

Successful co-parenting takes work

Children whose parents are going through a divorce will likely worry about what the future holds. Some are concerned that they caused the divorce. Others might think that they’ll have to deal with their parents missing a lot of their events. As a parent, it’s your job...

Why a deliberate approach to divorce is best

Like the beginning of a marriage, the end of a marriage is often filled with emotion -- but it’s best not to let emotions control your actions as you move forward. There are many reasons for choosing to divorce, but they usually don’t play a role in how the split is...

Divorce does not need to change everything for your kids

When going through a divorce, it is natural to focus on what is going to change. If you favor the divorce, you can dream about the positive changes it will bring to your life. Soon I will be able to stretch out across the bed. Soon I will be able to move closer to my...

Financial issues often lead to divorce

There are many reasons that couples divorce. Some couples drift apart. Others realize that they should never have gotten married. Still, others break up over infidelity.  One of the most common reasons for a split is that the couple runs into financial issues. These...

Why do so many people choose to file a no-fault divorce?

Illinois recognizes multiple grounds or reasons for people to file for divorce. As you might expect, a spouse who discovers that their partner has cheated or has another spouse can file for divorce. Additionally, if the couple wanted children and one spouse turns out...

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