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Tax issues can be important in property division

Taxes are something people may not like to think about. This can particularly be the case at a stressful time like a divorce. The reality though is that taxes can have significant impacts on important divorce issues. One such issue is property division.

There are all kinds of assets that could end up being up for division in divorces. Types of property vary greatly in the kinds of tax implications they can have. What particular tax ramifications a given piece of property has the potential for can greatly impact what overall financial effects getting the asset in a divorce would have for an individual. So, tax matters can have impacts on how desirable, or undesirable, a given asset would be when it comes to property division.

Establishing paternity could be important to you as a father

Family law matters are complex, especially those that pertain to your relationship with your children. As an Illinois father, it is beneficial to understand how to protect your role, and it may be beneficial to understand how establishing paternity can help you do this.

Paternity is the legal establishment of a child's father. Simply because your name is on your child's birth certificate does not mean that you will have no trouble gaining access to your children. Depending on the nature of your individual situation, it might be necessary for you to understand the various ways you can legally establish paternity. 

A custody option that may help your children cope with divorce

Just as no two marriages are exactly the same, neither are any two divorces. Children in different families may have various reactions when learning of their parents' plans to divorce. In fact, individual children within your own family may respond differently from one another as well. One of your kids may become a bit more reclusive than usual. Another may be quite vocal regarding how he or she feels about the situation.

Like most good parents in Illinois, you want to provide the love and support your children need to move on in life in as healthy a manner as possible. You also want to protect your rights as a parent and do what you believe is best for your children. When it comes to your new parenting plan, however, the court will have the final say. There's a lot you can do ahead of time to map out an agreement, such as discussing possible custody options with your soon-to-be former spouse.

Want to divorce without conflict? Consider an uncontested divorce

Have you and your spouse made the decision to end your marriage? Are you both already in agreement regarding the terms of a final divorce order and settlement details? If you are ready to move forward with a divorce and believe you can do so without contention or conflict, you may consider filing for an uncontested divorce.

An uncontested divorce is not the right option for every Illinois couple, but it could be the most beneficial choice for you. If there are no remaining disagreements between you and your spouse and you wish to avoid litigation altogether, this might be the optimal choice for your unique situation. Before you make any major divorce-related decisions that could have significant impact on your future, you would be wise to carefully review all of the options available to you.

Making sure happy still precedes holidays after divorce

If you spent the summer helping your children adapt to a new lifestyle after your divorce, you are definitely not alone. Many Illinois parents have faced similar issues this year. Hopefully, as challenges arise, you and your kids are learning to overcome them together. You likely have good days and bad days, which, of course, is typical for married life as well. As you prepare for your first holiday season as a single parent, you may want to keep a few tips in mind to avoid major stress factors.

It's true that your holidays won't be the same as they were when you were all living under one roof as a family. That doesn't mean, however, that you can't enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa or whatever special occasions you like to celebrate. The key is to lay a solid game plan ahead of time and to know where to turn for support in a pinch, if needed. 

Understanding the different types of child custody in Illinois

When two parents decide to separate or divorce, the children are often left feeling confused and uncertain about the future. While this is a difficult transition for every member of the family, it is possible to provide your child with stability and continuity of lifestyle, both during and after divorce. One of the many ways that Illinois parents do this is with a thoughtful, carefully crafted custody plan.

Two types of child custody -- legal custody and physical custody -- will affect your final parenting plan, which will outline the authority you have in the life of your child and how much time you will actually have with your child. It is therefore important to understand the differences between the two and to work with an experienced family law attorney to protect your parental rights and interests.

Tips to consider in any divorce

When you find yourself on the brink of divorce, you are undoubtedly going to feel overwhelmed at some point. You are probably feeling stressed and emotional because everything in your life is changing. You may be uncertain of what steps to take next. You are likely getting opinions and advice from all directions and are unsure of which counsel you should follow.

Just like every person is different, so is every divorce. Ending any relationship is going to be complicated to one degree or another and will bring along its own unique struggles. However, there are a few pieces of good advice that tend to apply in many divorce cases.

Seeking what's best for your children

You've survived divorce. In fact, you not only survived but are well on your way to a successful and happy future. You may be like other parents in Illinois who are looking forward to the upcoming holidays and planning all sorts of special activities to build new memories with your kids.

Perhaps everything has been going just fine, that is, until a disagreement arises regarding your request for modification of your existing visitation order. You may have been surprised that your request was met with contention.

After all, you're not the first person ever to ask for changes in a child custody or other existing court order. It happens all the time.

Illinois child custody Q and A

When it comes to family law, every state does things a bit differently. For instance, in Illinois, child custody laws have been specifically designed to help reduce family conflicts. If you are facing a child custody case, here is a little Q and A regarding state custody laws.

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The use of the Internet or this form for communication with the firm or any individual member of the firm does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Confidential or time-sensitive information should not be sent through this form.


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