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Finding Solutions To Parenting Time / Visitation Disputes

When parents divorce or separate, the relationship between parent and child does not end. It is critical that children maintain a meaningful relationship with each parent, and visitation schedules are designed to serve that purpose. This relationship is just as important, if not more so, for parents who were never married, and Illinois law seeks to treat unwed parents equally.

If you are seeking legal guidance for a visitation/parenting time matter in Illinois, the attorneys at Ryan Family Law P.C., are here to offer experienced advice and advocacy. Our father-and-son team is committed to protecting our clients’ rights and the best interests of children involved in child custody and visitation matters.

Establishing Visitation And Parenting Time In Illinois

It is important for parents to work together when establishing a visitation schedule. Many decisions need to be made in this process, including where the child will spend birthdays and holidays, and when and how the child will be transported from one parent to the other.

When disputes over visitation arise, we strive to resolve them in an amicable manner that does not place undue stress and anxiety on the child. Oftentimes, the first step is mediation between the parties. With over 20 years of experience as a mediator, Michael E. Ryan is well-qualified to assist parents through this step of the process. If the conflict must be resolved through litigation, we are always prepared to defend our clients’ rights in court.

Remember, visitation is entirely unrelated to child support. Regardless whether the noncustodial parent is paying child support or not, he or she is entitled to parenting time.

When circumstances change, we can help to modify existing visitation and parenting time orders. We also represent clients in enforcement of visitation orders. A grandparent, or other relative, seeking visitation with a minor child is a complex issue in Illinois. The team at Ryan Family Law P.C., keeps up to date on changes in the law and can help you explore legal options in this area.

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