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Assisting With Custody Cases Involving The Relocation Of A Child

When a custodial parent wishes to move out of state for a job opportunity or other reason, he or she must obtain permission from the court to take the children. This applies to parents with sole or joint custody. If you have children in a custody arrangement and wish to move, or you are trying to stop your ex from moving, it is important to consult with an attorney who is experienced in these complex legal issues.

At Ryan Family Law P.C., our lawyers can advise you of your rights in regard to relocation/removal issues in Illinois. We apply a team-based approach to family law matters that has helped us achieve favorable results for numerous clients.

What Courts Look At In Relocation Cases

When deciding on relocation/removal cases, the courts are guided by the principle of protecting the best interests of the child. Even in-state moves will require the court’s permission in many circumstances. Factors that courts generally consider include:

  • Will the child be able to maintain a meaningful relationship with the noncustodial parent?
  • Why is the parent seeking to relocate?
  • Will the child be moving away from or near extended family members?
  • Will the move adversely affect the child in regard to education, health or other important matters?

Relocation/removal issues can be very complex and contentious. It is important for families to try to come to agreement on these issues, but oftentimes, they must be decided in court.

Our attorneys understand what factors the judges focus on in relocation/removal cases and can help you pursue the best possible outcome. This may vary based on which judge is assigned to your case.

Do You Have Questions About Relocation?

Whether you are seeking a relocation, or need help contesting a relocation request, our attorneys can help. Schedule your free, half-hour consultation by calling our Elgin office at 847-586-0161 or by sending us an email.