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Your divorce may be causing you considerable stress. Not knowing what is going to happen throughout the process may weigh on you as things move forward. But you can emerge from your divorce process feeling confident about your future.

Since 1981, the attorneys at Ryan Family Law P.C. in Elgin have helped people throughout the Fox Valley area in Illinois obtain sound divorce decrees. Our lawyers use a team-oriented approach, are sensitive to our clients’ needs and emphasize client communication. Feel free to call us at 847-586-0161 to learn more.

Helping You Make Sound Decisions

As divorce attorneys, we provide highly skilled legal counsel and advice. However, our clients still have the decision-making power. We want you to feel in control over your future and be able to make decisions that leave you in the best possible place after your divorce.

We are sensitive to the fact that every divorce is different, and you will have specific needs that you will want to have addressed as part of the process. We create customized divorce solutions for every case we handle. We take a practical approach toward finding answers to many legal questions, including concerns involving:

  • Division of property: We seek fair and reasonable division of marital and nonmarital property. Marital property includes property, assets and debts that were accumulated during the marriage. Our attorneys adeptly handle the division of marital homes, bank accounts, vehicles, retirement plans, real estate property, investments, business interests, credit card debt and other types of marital property.
  • Child custody and visitation: We take all action necessary to ensure that the best interests of your children and your parental rights are protected. We handle initial determinations of child custody, providing quality drafting services regarding custody agreements. We can help with pet custody cases as well. We also handle modification and enforcement.

  • Child support: We can ensure that the appropriate amount is calculated using state guidelines. Whether you will be paying or receiving support, we will move through the process efficiently to ensure that your rights are protected and your children are provided for.
  • Spousal support: Spousal maintenance is awarded on a case-by-case basis. It can be awarded temporarily or permanently, depending on factors such as the age and health of the parties, earning capacity of the dependent spouse and the ability of the payor spouse to pay maintenance, formerly known as alimony.

We will examine all potential approaches in your case. In some situations, litigating a divorce is an option. In McHenry County, mediation is required in nonfinancial matters. In Kane County, mediation is required only in certain situations. Ryan Family Law P.C. offers successful litigation and mediation services. We use the most advisable method for each client’s particular situation.

Our Experienced Attorneys Are Ready To Help

We want you to be able to build an approach that allows you to have a positive future after the divorce is complete. To schedule your free, half-hour consultation, please call our lawyers at 847-586-0161 or send us an email.