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Keep Your Pet In The Right Home In Your Pet Custody Case

Nowadays families consider their pets to be more than just a pet; in some cases, they are the children in a marriage. When you need to decide who gets custody of the pets after a divorce, it makes things even more difficult for everyone involved.

Here at Ryan Family Law, P.C., we know how beloved a pet can be in your home, and we will work diligently to provide the best possible outcome for your case to keep your pet with you.

Let Us Fight To Protect Your Loved Ones

You love your pets like they are your children, so you do not want to have an attorney who would treat your case with any less importance. Thankfully, Illinois courts also see things this way. Since 2018, judges have been able to grant joint or sole custody over pets to the animal’s owners. Since both you and the courts see your pet custody case for how serious it truly is, you want to be sure that the family law lawyer you choose understands how much this means to you as well.

At Ryan Family Law, P.C., our team of compassionate professionals knows how much your pet means to you. We will take the time to explore all the details of your case to see what can be done to ensure that custody of your pet remains with you. In some cases, one spouse will give a pet to the other as a birthday or holiday present. This can be a sign of sole ownership and grant you the result that you deserve. We will explore every available option while preparing your case.

Protect Your Family With Confidence

We know how hard all divorce matters can be, which is why we make every effort to settle things amicably outside of court. If we cannot settle things outside of court, we are prepared to act on your behalf in the courtroom.

If you need assistance with your pet custody case, please reach out to us today. Contact us in Elgin online or at 847-586-0161 to schedule your free initial 30-minute consultation.