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How The Law Changes In Child Custody May Impact Your Case

For many years, Illinois families faced uncertainties when they headed to the courtroom to resolve their child custody and parenting time disputes. They never knew if the court would grant their requests, or reject them outright. There was a very real possibility that they would lose the ability to spend meaningful time with their children.

A recent law change in the state has had an impact upon child custody matters. The new rules change the focus of the courts from its previous position. In the past, courts looked at custody cases and would determine if there would be joint or sole custody of the children. The noncustodial parent would receive visitation time with the kids, which was an arrangement that frequently led to problems for all involved.

Understanding The New Rules

Under the new rules, the courts decide custody cases based on an allocation of parental responsibility. This means that the courts are more focused on getting parents to work together in the raising of the child. The courts want each party to consider who will have certain decision-making powers on behalf of the child. This includes such issues as which extracurricular activities the child will participate in, where the child goes to school, as well as other important matters that need to be addressed.

In the majority of cases, one of the parents will be selected as the primary decision-maker, and the child spend most of the time with that parent. The other parent will receive parenting time with the child. The courts want to make sure that the parent is allowed quality time with the child, and is recognized as important part of the child’s life.

What This Means For You

These law changes have not eliminated all of the problems that arise in custody matters. They have simply changed the focus of the discussions between the parties. It is extremely important that you work with a lawyer who understands the changes in these laws.

At Ryan Family Law P.C., in Elgin, our attorneys are prepared to help you resolve your custody case under these new provisions. We know how to structure an agreement that enables you to protect the time you are able to have with your children. We have over 70 years of combined legal experience finding answers in custody disputes.

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