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Who should know you are divorcing?

If you have decided to divorce (or your spouse has already filed), you might not want to talk about it much. You may be feeling shock, distress or even embarrassment or guilt.

However, it is important that you do talk about it, to certain people at least. Here are some of them:

Friends and family

You may need the support of friends and family to help you through the next few months. You might divulge more details to some than others, but thinking about who you can call on is crucial. You might just need someone to listen, or you might need them to offer you a spare bed or collect your children from school when you have a hearing in court.

It’s also worth considering the support of a therapist or psychologist to help you process what is happening.

People at work

The law does not obligate you to tell your employer, but it may be worth doing so. If you let them know you are divorcing, they may be more understanding if the divorce affects your work – which it could well do. They might be happy to support you, allowing you to take time off to meet with your attorney or work from home when you are having a bad day. Colleagues can also provide support.

Your child’s school

Schools can support children whose parents are going through a divorce. Letting the teachers know allows them to keep an eye on your child, offer support if needed and treat them with leniency if the divorce affects their schoolwork or behavior.

Talking to those three sets of people is optional but most definitely advisable. Talking to someone with the legal knowledge and experience to help you through your divorce is a necessity.

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