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How does Illinois law treat pets in a divorce?

When you hear about a custody battle, you might assume it is over children. Yet even childless couples can find themselves in expensive custody battles -- over who gets the pets. Many people consider their animals as part of the family. They are heartbroken at the...

Advice for divorce

Divorce can be an adversarial process that requires a substantial amount of time and resources. In addition, divorce is often an emotional process that has a massive impact on one's personal life. Nevertheless, there are a few suggestions that residents of Illinois...

How can you financially plan for your divorce?

When you file for divorce in Illinois, virtually everything about your financial situation will change. You should take steps to prepare yourself for independent living, but this isn't the time to make drastic financial decisions. Instead, focus on budgeting and...

What are some of the benefits of divorce?

Divorce doesn't always have to be negative. For some people in Illinois, filing for divorce can bring about a positive life change. Once your divorce is finalized, you can start over, find a new partner, make a career change or do whatever else you've been dreaming...

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