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When repairing one’s marriage is not an option

Marriage is a significant commitment. There should always be more happy times than unhappy times, but most couples have to work to achieve this aim. Disagreements are a normal part of any relationship. How couples overcome these differences is what matters.

But what if there is no end in sight to the constant fights and arguments? Are there occasions when a marriage can no longer be saved?

When one spouse fails to take responsibility

Everyone makes mistakes and it is normal for people to have good days and bad. Sometimes, arguments are relatively simple disagreements and both parties are partially to blame. Nonetheless, it can be very difficult if your partner never takes any responsibility for things that go wrong. Communication and compromise are pivotal in any relationship, and so too are compassion, remorse and empathy. If your spouse refuses to take any responsibility, then it can be difficult to repair the marriage accordingly.

The presence of abuse

The presence of any kind of abuse often means that a marriage is beyond repair. It is important to note that abuse does not have to be physical, it can also be verbal, emotional, psychological and financial. The key element in most cases of abuse is that the abuser belittles the victim and tries to assert control over them. As any form of abuse is a safety issue, the most advisable option for the abused party is typically to remove themself from the situation.

You don’t have to stay in an unsafe or unhappy marriage. Seeking as much legal information as possible can help you to make more informed decisions about your situation.

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