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Are work patterns still a theme causing divorce?

A marriage is supposed to be a partnership of co-equals, especially regarding financial matters. But gender norms place men as the employed breadwinner while women stay home looking after the kids.

However, ever-evolving societal shifts have seen women assuming a work career as ideal. Compared to a half-century ago, research shows that there has been a 34% increase in U.S. mothers employed full-time while juggling household responsibilities.

Unfortunately, women are happy to do the bulk of the work until they’re not. A Harvard study has shown that more than the increasing economic independence of wives, husbands’ unemployment proves to be a predictor of divorce.

Working parents’ stereotypes shaping the risk of divorce

Although there seems to be nothing new about how contentious the lines of gender roles in a marriage can get, the COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbates the following gaps that potentially lead to divorce.

  • Division of household chores
  • Caregiving of a child or other ill family members
  • Public pressures related to keeping a stable individual career and family life

If keeping up with ever-transforming societal expectations takes a toll on working parents, divorce takes place. When this happens, the couple’s next consideration is divorce laws that also keep changing. For instance, the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act recently took effect with additional provisions. Courts can now allow children to relocate residence during the duration of divorce proceedings if it’s within their best interests. Additionally, courts can also appoint a special advocate to investigate and report any findings of possible abuse or neglect.

Adapting to the times

No matter the circumstances at home or in society, marriage will always be unpaid, demanding work. To help unload some burden off you, you’d need a legal counsel in your corner with updated information about what protects your current situation.

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