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Is your spouse lying to you about money? 

Every marriage has its ups and downs. Part of married life is working through problems together. Nonetheless, there are some issues that are often referred to as “marriage killers”. Financial infidelity is one of these. 

If your spouse is lying to you about money, how can you tell? Outlined below are a few things to consider. 

Being locked out of accounts is a big red flag

Once you were married, you and your spouse agreed that there would be no secrets or separate finances. Your resources were to be pooled together so that you could build a better life as a family. This is how you believed things were operating. Recently, you’ve tried to log in to check on your savings and you have been denied access. The password has been changed and the only person who could have done this was your spouse. Why have they done this? What are they hiding? 

Perhaps you still have access to all of your shared accounts. But when you were doing the laundry, a card fell out of your partner’s pocket. It’s clearly a credit card and it’s not one that you are aware of. Why would your spouse have a separate credit card if you have agreed to share all finances? 

Financial infidelity can put tremendous strain on a marriage. The sad reality is that if your spouse is being secretive about finances, then they could be trying to protect themself. If this is the case, you really need to think about doing the same thing. Seeking legal guidance should be your first port of call. 

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