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Research shows certain basic issues precipitate divorce

It can be difficult to have a successful marriage. For Illinois couples, challenges can sometimes grow so problematic that couples consider ending the marriage and getting a divorce. The reasons for divorce will inevitably vary, but there are certain basic issues that research shows precipitate many divorces. Understanding the warning signs is critical to making the decision to move forward with a divorce.

In a recent study, 2,371 people who had recent divorces were surveyed. On average, they were 45 years old; 44% began divorce proceedings on their own, 40% of their spouses initiated the divorce, and 16% decided jointly to end the marriage. Among participants, 40% did not have significant conflict while 29% said there was a great deal of conflict.

For 47%, an absence of love or intimacy sparked the divorce. Many stated that they no longer had feelings for their partner, or an extended relationship led to an erosion of love. Additionally, 44% said they failed to communicate effectively. Historically, this is a common reason for couples to divorce.

A portion of respondents said that there was an absence of trust, respect or sympathy. Psychologists suggest that to maintain a marriage, respect often takes precedence over love. Finally, couples said they grew apart with differences in beliefs, goals and what they wanted from life. According to researchers, marriage is evolving with people preferring happiness and a connection over security and stability.

Regardless of why a couple considers divorce, it will be an emotional and financial struggle. Issues like support, child custody, visitation, property division and more will arise. Consulting an attorney for advice about a divorce may be beneficial before an individual takes the next step.

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