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How to help children when going through a divorce

When parents in Illinois get a divorce, the process and transition may be difficult for their children. However, how they behave toward one another and toward their children can make it easier. For example, parents should avoid arguing in front of their children. They should try to remain civil with one another, and if possible, they should take it a step further and try to plan one or two family nights together each month.

They should also try to support one another as co-parents. For example, if one parent is late picking up the child, the other should be able to pitch in. Child support should be paid on time, and parents should communicate with one another about any changes in their schedule. Parents should also try to put aside their differences to attend special events, such as birthdays or graduations. They should try to speak positively about one or another or at least not share negative information about the other parent.

How parents treat their children is also important. They should avoid blaming children for the divorce and should reassure them that the divorce was not their fault since children often believe this to be the case. Parents should reassure their children that they are loved and try to avoid disrupting their routines as much as possible.

One way that some parents hope to minimize this disruption is by having the custodial parent keep the family home. However, it is important to make sure that this is a realistic plan. That parent needs to be able to afford the mortgage, upkeep, taxes and other expenses on a single income. Some parents even work out a custody arrangement in which they rotate in and out of the family home while the children remain there, but this is usually only a temporary solution.

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