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Physically mismatched couples may be more likely to split

Most people in Illinois are aware of what kind of partner they’re likely able to attract. Therefore, they may seek relationships with people on par with themselves when it comes to physical attractiveness. Still, there are some people who prefer to seek more attractive partners. Should relationships like this result in marriage, however, the odds of a long-term success may not be so good. This a conclusion based on research from various sources indicating that physically mismatched couples may be more likely to untie the knot.

One study suggests a reason for the increased divorce risk is because women with less attractive partners report being less committed to their marriages and more likely to be flirtatious. Other researchers concluded that jealously on the part of a less attractive spouse, even when lack of commitment isn’t an issue, could be one of the reasons for shorter-than-expected marriages among couples with physical appearance discrepancies.

Online dating data shows both men and women sometimes pursue relationships with partners up to 25 percent more attractive. But such relationships may not necessarily be doomed. Results from interviews with several newlyweds showed that men with more attractive spouses were generally doing better than men interviewed who were evenly matched in the looks department. They were reportedly better problem solvers for their wives as well. Another study found that physical discrepancies were less likely to be a big deal if couples got to know one another well as friends become things turned romantic.

Most people seeking a divorce aren’t likely to tell their attorney that the reason is an unequal level of attractiveness. In situations like this, reasons for splitting may include allegations of unfaithfulness or simply a feeling of no longer being compatible. Regardless of what leads to the end of marriage, a lawyer often makes an attempt to negotiate a fair divorce settlement when dividing assets that may include a marital home and jointly acquired or owned vehicles and investments. If there’s an earnings discrepancy, spousal support for the lower-earning partner may be part of the negotiations.

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