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Co-ordinating the holidays with your ex-spouse

If this is your first holiday after your divorce, you may have a lot of concerns regarding the co-parenting arrangement throughout the season. There are multiple factors to consider, such as attending school programs, family gatherings and holiday travel.

While every family has unique needs, here are some tips to help you and your co-parent navigate the holiday season this year and beyond.

Plan early

You and your co-parent should discuss your plans well in advance to avoid confusion and last-minute disagreements. Consider factors such as travel and family traditions when deciding how you will share time with your children.

Both of you will need to have open, honest communication. Discuss your expectations and potential conflicts. While you may not agree on everything, talking can help you avoid misunderstandings.

Each parent may have their own traditions they wish to share with their children. Find a way to incorporate them into the holiday schedule to reduce conflict and enrich your children’s holiday experience. This can also be an opportunity to start new traditions. They can help provide your children with excitement about the holiday in this new family structure.

If you or your ex-spouse plans to travel out of state or abroad with the children over the holidays, it’s important to have a signed document from the other custodial parent permitting the travel. It should include the travel dates, an itinerary and the other parent’s contact information.

No matter how you and your co-parent feel about each other, it’s imperative to remember that the holidays should be about making your children happy and creating lasting fond memories. This is a time to put aside your personal feelings and focus on what will make your children feel loved and secure.

Co-parenting through the holidays can be challenging. However, it’s possible to create a joyful experience for everyone involved.

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