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Why do couples divorce?

A love story begins when a prince and princess fall madly deeply in love, and—very quickly—live happily ever after. We never do get to the part after they ride off into the sunset. Perhaps because it is all downhill from there.

You may feel like you and your spouse are just fighting over the same things repeatedly. Ultimately you will realize, love is a temporary high that almost always reaches its climax at the beginning. That is why divorce is so common now, because marriage is approached like a fantasy fairytale instead of the legal contract that it is.

Here are some reasons your marriage may not be working out.

They marry too young or too old

A recent study suggests that the ideal age to get married is between the ages of 28 and 32. When you marry at an early age, you still do not have the maturity to fully understand what a marriage entails. At the same time, you are still working on your education, career, and yourself. You cannot love someone without truly knowing who you are and loving yourself.

The divorce rate increases again after 32 because the older you are, the more familial, social and economic responsibilities you have. People have already made other life-altering commitments that put their spouse as a priority instead of the priority.

They argue about finances

When you cannot support a household together, that leaves room for financial contempt. It is difficult to hold on to a marriage when you have trouble holding on to a job. That is why financial stability plays a significant role in avoiding divorce.

There is also the issue of financial infidelity or when you and your spouse are concealing financial matters from each other. A marriage is a contract wherein both spouses should be mutually prepared to discuss their income, finances, investments and assets without embarrassment or cynicism. If you cannot be honest to your spouse about big expenditures or pay problems, you must not really trust them.

They fall out of love

Although love is an emotion, it is fueled by neurotransmitters and hormones that inevitably affect the way you feel around your partner. It is like a drug at first, causing you to make chemical decisions instead of logical ones. The effects of drugs begin to wear out eventually and you find yourself falling out of love.

These three factors present a foundation from which marital infidelity, substance abuse and unrealistic expectations stem. If you can no longer make your marriage work, these reasons may help you understand why and alleviate the negativity surrounding your relationship. You can still work together to make the divorce as collaborative as possible.

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