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Could a “sleep divorce” prevent a legal divorce?

Married couples don’t just share a home. They typically share a room and a bed as well. Although there is something reassuring and romantic about going to bed with your spouse every night, sharing a sleeping space can also be very disruptive to both of you. 

Whether you work opposing schedules or have a spouse that snores, a sleep divorce could be a way for the two of you to prevent the strain of bad sleep from affecting your marital relationship. 

How does a sleep divorce work?

A sleep divorce is where spouses sleep in separate beds. You and your ex can actually have separate bedrooms in your home, which will minimize how much impact you have on each other’s rest. 

Keeping your own bedroom can be beneficial if you are a light sleeper prone to waking up when your ex snores or rolls over in bed. It can also help those who have a hard time getting eight hours of sleep because their ex has a very different work schedule than they do. 

Sleeping separately can ensure that both of you get adequate rest and may reduce the strain on your marital relationship. For some couples, the space offered by sleep divorce can allow them to preserve their marriage. When they have enough rest, small irritants no longer result in big fights. For others, a sleep divorce may be a small step on the path toward an actual divorce. The separate space and better sleep do not help resolve the problems in the marriage. 

Exploring all of your options when you start to consider divorce can help you feel more comfortable with the decision you eventually make. 

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