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Tips for efficiently negotiating an Illinois divorce

You have made the decision that divorce is the right thing for you. And your spouse feels the same way too. There is no doubt that divorce can be overwhelming. After all, when you got married, you hoped you would live “happily ever after” with your spouse. And divorce may be indicative of failure.

However, there are a couple of things you and your spouse can do to make the divorce process both peaceful and cost-effective. Here are a couple of tips that can help you negotiate an amicable divorce.

Understand Illinois property division laws

Marital property division laws vary from state to state. Illinois is an equitable distribution state, meaning that marital property must be divided in a fair and reasonable manner. Understanding how marital property division laws work in Illinois can help you negotiate a settlement that is both realistic and compliant with the law.

While discussing asset division, it is important that you talk about marital debts as well – any mortgages, credit card debts, bank loans as well as any debts that were incurred while in marriage. Unless you agree otherwise, it is important to understand that both of you are responsible for these debts. Again, you can refer to Illinois property division laws when discussing how you will share marital debts.

Create a parenting plan

Besides property division, child custody tends to be another contentious subject during the divorce process. Illinois, like most states, takes the child’s best interests seriously. As such, it is important that you keep this in mind while negotiating a settlement. Besides, most Illinois divorce courts encourage mediation on child custody matters.

There is no denying that divorce can be tough for everyone involved. However, divorce does not have to be an acrimonious undertaking. These tips can help you strike a fair balance during the divorce process.

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