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Financial issues often lead to divorce

There are many reasons that couples divorce. Some couples drift apart. Others realize that they should never have gotten married. Still, others break up over infidelity. 

One of the most common reasons for a split is that the couple runs into financial issues. These have been called “money fights,” and some studies report that they are the second-leading cause of divorce in the United States. Infidelity is the only thing that more often leads to a divorce. 

Why do these fights happen? 

In many cases, these money fights occur because people look at their money differently. They find it impossible to find common ground, so they always feel like they’re working against each other. 

For instance, say one spouse wants to save money. They see it as financial security for the future. They’d like to save as much as they can. 

The other spouse sees money as a means to enjoy life. They don’t worry about the future, and they like to spend their money. 

What you get is a situation where one spouse feels like the other is always wasting money, while that spouse, in turn, feels like their husband or wife is always keeping them from living the life they want. These different views can chip away at the marriage until it ends. 

Financial issues when divorcing 

If this is the reason for your divorce, rest assured that financial issues and property division are going to play a major role in the process. Be sure you know what options you have and what rights you have to a percentage of your marital assets. 


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