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Does 50/50 custody work for those with demanding jobs?

Shared custody is the standard expectation in modern divorces. Judges want to see parents cooperating to support their children. Parents also benefit from more equally-shared custody, as it helps them connect with their children and can limit their child support obligations. 

Often, people immediately presume that 50/50 shared custody is the best solution. It maximizes each parent’s time with the children, which strengthens and protects both parental relationships. 

However, a 50/50 division of custody is not always a realistic solution. If you have a particularly demanding career, you may need to think very carefully about your custody arrangements.

Is 50/50 custody possible if taking the children for a week isn’t doable? 

Many 50/50 custody arrangements involve splitting or alternating weeks between parents. That approach works well for moms and dads with older children who can get themselves to school and come home to an empty house without any safety issues. 

However, if you have young children or children with special needs, their demands on your time may exceed what you can handle while still performing your job every day. The more demanding your career is, the more it could potentially limit your parenting time. 

Being realistic about how present you can be for your children will be better for them in the long run than just demanding as much time as possible with them. Thinking about why you want certain terms in your custody agreement can help you focus your efforts on an outcome that will be best for your children.


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