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What are some of the most common myths about divorce?

Filing for divorce in Illinois is a difficult decision to make, and the persistent myths about divorce have made it even more difficult. Some people tell you that living together before you get married can prevent divorce while others tell you that having a baby will improve your relationship. Here are some of the biggest myths about divorce and why they’re inaccurate.

Many people claim that living together before you get married can reduce your chances of getting divorced. However, studies have shown that couples who live together before their wedding are actually more likely to file for divorce. In other words, don’t feel like a failure if you “did everything right” and your marriage still fell apart in the end. No one can predict how a marriage is going to turn out.

Another common myth is that having a baby will fix the problems in your marriage. It might bring you closer together in the short term, but having a child introduces a completely new set of conflicts. In fact, having a child has torn some couples apart. The added stress of raising a child together won’t magically fix your marriage.

Finally, many people claim that the quality of life for women massively plummets after a divorce. While it’s true that many women experience a decrease in their quality of life, that’s not the case for everyone. If you’re not happy in your marriage, you don’t have to stay just because everyone tells you that divorce is hard on women. You’re already in a bad situation, so why not take a risk and possibly improve your quality of life?

What should you do when you decide to file for divorce?

If you’ve finally decided that you’re ready for divorce, your best bet might be hiring a family law attorney. Your attorney may be able to debunk some of the myths about divorce and answer any questions you have. They may also guide you through the process to make it as painless as possible.

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