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Actions to avoid during a divorce proceeding

Illinois residents who are going through a divorce may experience a variety of negative emotions. However, those feelings don’t justify taking actions such as destroying joint property or using a child to get back at a former spouse. It is also unethical to use a joint credit card before or during a divorce proceeding. In some cases, the person who accrued the debt may be held responsible for paying it back in a final settlement.

Individuals may be able to obtain court orders prohibiting their spouses from using a joint credit card. A person who violates such an order could be subject to civil or criminal penalties. Those who are going through a divorce are encouraged to act maturely toward their former spouses. Making threatening phone calls or sending threatening emails may undermine a person’s ability to obtain a favorable divorce settlement.

Furthermore, those who engage in abusive behavior may find themselves subject to a restraining order. Custodial parents who wish to relocate with their children should seek court approval before doing so. Failing to seek permission to move a child outside of his or her home state could result in a parent losing custody rights to a son or daughter. The same may be true for parents who attempt to hide their children from their former spouses.

Individuals who are going through a divorce may want to hire an attorney to help protect their rights. In many cases, a person has the right to protect joint property from being used inappropriately, and it may also be possible for parents to seek temporary custody or visitation orders. Legal counsel may be able to help a person pursue court orders or take other steps to protect an individual’s interests during a divorce proceeding.

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