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Working parents can get custody rights too

One common misconception about divorce in Illinois is that judges will automatically give custody to the parent who stays at home more often. As views on gender roles and child custody change, some judges will actually give points to those who earn money to care for their children. However, parents who work a full-time job will likely need to make some adjustments to ensure that they can obtain joint or sole custody.

For instance, it might be necessary to ask for flexible working hours or other arrangements that can make it easier to create a suitable work/life balance. Parents should make sure that they don’t ask for more parenting time than they can reasonably commit to. Mothers or fathers who aren’t able to follow through on their commitments might be at risk of losing rights to their sons or daughters.

Exes should do their best to make sure that each household is playing by the same rules as it relates to raising the kids. For instance, if one parent opts to hire a full-time babysitter, the other should be allowed to seek outside help as well. As a general rule, child custody negotiations tend to go better when each side is willing to be flexible about what they want or need.

It isn’t uncommon for child custody matters to be among the most difficult to resolve in a divorce proceeding. This is because most parents have emotional attachments to their children and a vested interest in how they are raised. An attorney can help a client take an objective look at a case. This could make it easier for that person to create a plan that is in a child’s best interest.

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