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Planning for the future after divorce

The period after a divorce can be challenging for many people in Illinois. The end of a long-term romantic relationship can be depressing and isolating, especially for the spouse who did not request the dissolution. People may struggle with depression and other mental health concerns as well as physical health issues. However, people can move forward after a divorce by keeping some key tips in mind. While the post-divorce period can be sad, it can also be an important period of growth and transition into a new future.

The support of family and friends can be important in getting through a divorce. People can confide in those closest to them about issues that may trouble them or even doubts about why their marriage came to an end. Those who feel like they cannot speak about more intimate issues may want to engage professional support by working with a therapist or other counselor to work through their concerns about their divorce and moving forward.

Other types of professional assistance can also be important after a divorce. The financial effects of ending a marriage can be significant, and many people may worry about their future after dividing retirement funds, investment accounts and other properties. A financial adviser can help people to make wise financial decisions and plan for their future on their own. It can also be important to avoid major purchases in the immediate post-divorce period. People may be tempted to buy a car or a motorcycle, but the financial toll can be damaging.

When people decide to divorce, the long-term effects of property division and other major issues can linger on for years. A family law attorney may work with a divorcing client to advocate for a fair settlement on child custody, spousal support and a range of key legal matters.

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