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Imbalanced income between spouses may increase divorce risk

According to data maintained by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s becoming increasingly common for wives in Illinois and throughout the U.S. to earn more money than their husbands. Roughly 38% of wives are bringing home more income than their husbands, and that dynamic can cause problems in a marriage. Some research indicates that the risk of divorce increases and the likelihood of marriage decreases when the woman earns more than the man.

At the same time, some have advanced the opinion that couples are more likely to stay together if they cannot afford to maintain separate residences. Men in the U.S. tend to be more comfortable when they earn more money in the relationship. According to a study that examined more than 6,300 married couples, the risk of divorce is almost 33% higher when the husband doesn’t have a full-time job.

Couples who have higher and more equal incomes are significantly more likely to stay together. Uncertainty in the strength of the economy may have an impact on how people see marriage. A survey by Merrill Edge indicated that more than half of Americans want a partner who provides security more than they want head-over-heels-style love.

Financial matters can play a major role in a couple’s decision to divorce, and settling financial questions can make divorce less stressful. An Illinois divorce lawyer might be able to help someone assess their marital circumstances and understand the consequences of divorce. If necessary, the attorney could file the legal paperwork to begin divorce proceedings and argue on behalf of the client during family court hearings.

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