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The effectiveness of birdnesting after divorce

Divorce can be a very difficult for children, so parents are constantly looking for ways to make separation as easy as possible. One of the solutions growing in popularity recently for divorcing couples in Illinois has been birdnesting. This is when parents keep the original family home and rotate living there with the kids. While some parents maintain separate residences while away from the children, many will share to save money.

The main purpose of nesting is to keep the children’s lives as stable and routine as possible during an otherwise traumatic time. According to some family law experts, this solution is best when used on a short-term basis. The longer this living situation continues, the more anxiety children can experience regarding the uncertainty of their future. A three-month period of nesting carefully balances stability with transition toward a future living situation.

Birdnesting can have a lot of social benefits for children. By staying in the same home, children can finish out their school year and maintain friendships. It’s also more convenient and less stressful. Going back and forth between different homes requires moving a lot of things and taking time away from fun and relaxation. Unfortunately, this can also lead to a false sense of reality as the living arrangement will eventually change.

Parents dealing with child custody issues who believe that birdnesting is a good option may want to get legal representation. Lawyers from both sides of the issue may help create a workable living situation that’s best for the interests of the children. If the divorce is not amicable, an attorney may be able to represent the interests of their client in family court.

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