Skilled Assistance With Probate And Estate Litigation

At Ryan Family Law P.C., we provide experienced representation for those who have questions regarding estate/probate matters. Whether you are a beneficiary, a representative, or a trustee, our attorneys are here to help you.

What Happens When There's No Last Will And Testament

When a family member passes away in Illinois, you may have many questions: What happens to his or her property? Who is in charge of paying the expenses? Will it be necessary to go to court?

We can assist you in finding the answers to these and many other questions you may have at this difficult time. We can help you determine whether you will need to go to court or whether the deceased's matters can be handled without going to court. We can help you with your concerns that may arise because your loved one died without a last will and testament. We are also experienced in guardianship matters.

Administering Trusts And Estates

If your loved one had created a trust during his or her lifetime, we can advise you of the steps to take to carry out his or her wishes. Whether you are the personal representative of an estate, the trustee of a trust, or whether you are a beneficiary of an estate or trust, we are here to help you understand your rights and your responsibilities.

When the administration of a trust or estate does not go smoothly, we are here to assist you. If the parties involved are not in agreement or the deceased's documents were not properly prepared, it may be necessary to involve the court.

Whether you wish to contest a will or trust, move the personal representative or trustee, or you believe that you are not receiving a property to which you are entitled, our attorneys can help you determine if going to court is necessary, and we will assist you through that process.

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